Our reusable moving bins make moving easier. Plus, they’re better for the planet.

Just Pack and Move.

Our sturdy, stackable bins don’t fall apart like traditional cardboard boxes. Unlike the other guys, we offer three convenient sizes. So you’ll get the best fit for all of your stuff.

We Deliver

Order online or give us a call for
delivery and we deliver the bins!

Pack and Move

Pack the good in the bins and
move to your new place!

We'll Pick 'em Up

Unpack and nicely stack the bins
and schedule a pickup online!

Our Happy Clients

"Smooth. Quick and easy"

Megan Wilder


"Everytime I move I will be using City Bins"

Mike Powers


"These guys make it easy, they come and get the bins when you are done"

Anthony Cruz


Do Yourself a favor saving mama nature

You are not only saving your wallet, but saving trees as well

By using durable plastic containers instead of flimsy cardboard, you’re not just making your own life easier -- you’re also helping out the planet.

In the U.S. almost 900 million trees are cut down and made into paper products each year. American also throw away more than 200 million tons of garbage each year. Yikes.

CityBins can be reused countless times. 

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