Whether you’re packing up a small studio or a four-bedroom house, we’ve got just the right package for you. All packages include free delivery and pick-up.

Small Bin

Great for general household items that when grouped together can get heavy.


Large Bin

Great for larger, light weight items that fill up space quick.



Stack your bins up high and move twice as fast.



Perfect for securing your bins

Do Yourself a favor saving mama nature

You are not only saving your wallet, but saving trees as well

By using durable plastic containers instead of flimsy cardboard, you’re not just making your own life easier -- you’re also helping out the planet.

In the U.S. almost 900 million trees are cut down and made into paper products each year. American also throw away more than 200 million tons of garbage each year. Yikes.

CityBins can be reused countless times. 

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